The Company

VTN Quality is a foreign owned and operated business in Vietnam that specializes in producing products relating to wood for commercial needs and household needs. We produce quality solid interior and exterior wood doors, hardwood floors, cabinets, and handmade solid wood furniture, distributing them domestically and internationally at competitive prices. We'd established our business in 2016 with a passion for the natural appeal of solid wood. Solid wood, in the marketplace, are valued. It adds elegant and luxury to any home. VTN Quality is the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of doors, hardwood floors and many more wood products.

Combining both domestic and foreign manufacturing techniques with modern technologies from Germany, Italy and North America, we are able to design and develop our quality products. Our products are made to comply with international standards as international presence is pertinent to the growth of the company. In addition to manufacturing our wood products based on international sizes and specifications, we also custom produce according to our customer's need, as they are one of our main priorities. We invite you to call us or email vtnq@outlook.com to learn more about VTN Quality.

Manufacturing Process

Hardwood Treatment before making furniture - The wood is kiln dried with hot boiling stream in the chambers. We keep the moisture content in accordance to specifications requirement by different countries. For example, the moisture content is about 7% - 12% for selling in Canada and other North American countries. This would prevent the chances of the woods cracking and shrinking.

Production - We harvest solid hardwoods from other parts of Asia and use modern equipment from Germany, Italy and North America for cutting the raw timbers. With these precision equipments along with high speed routers, other machines, and experienced craftsmen we are able to deliver quality in our products. With furniture, we employ interlocking methods to joint parts together without using nails. Therefore, the furniture is very strong and durable. Our experienced craftsmen make all intricate carving designs by hand with wood gouges.

Stain Finishing - At the final stage, we use varnish finishing from North American brands to protect and enhance our product's natural appeals, revealing the beautiful grain patterns and giving our furniture and doors long lasting effects. Our products are available in colored as natural, dark, or other various color.